Why does fluid form after gynecomastia surgery?


Men who work with gynecomastia will eventually need to see a doctor. Doctor's help is one way to solve this problem.

It is important to understand that there are problems that are medically affected, but there are also problems that are not. Finding the difference is generally the first step in advancing and reversing this issue. Many people think it's a health and health problem, but this isn't the case for 100% of the problems. Visiting an expert can help you diagnose and resolve the problem. One of the most common treatments considered is surgery.

Surgical route

The point of surgery should not be tried first. If you are addressing this issue, it is important to remove all other options first. If these things are used and unsuccessful, that's the next big thing to consider. Surgery is suitable for people who have not otherwise been able to get any relief. When the doctor comes and solves this problem, it removes the adipose tissue and allows the breast area to return to the "normal" range. When this is done, swelling may occur in the area and fluid may accumulate.

Fluid problems

The swelling subsides in a few weeks, but if you have a lot of water, you need to drain. The reason this happens is that the body is not 100% adapted to changes in adipose tissue removal. With moderate weight gain and exercise after the healing process has begun, it is no longer a major issue. In such cases, it is imperative to contact your doctor if you actually have secretions or problems after surgery. Only the doctor can determine if it is a bigger or smaller problem. In any case, it is very important not to postpone the investigation. If there is an accumulation, it can be drained and the surgeon can see the progress of the problem and generally need further assistance.

Overall picture

In rare cases, a single operation may not solve the problem. If the first problem after the first surgery is not resolved, the doctor can decide what to do next. It is important to think about this as a whole in order to take corrective action in the future. It's easy to think of it as "completed", but it's important to understand that other elements are performed here. It can be a daunting task, as each individual patient is different. It's too easy to give one answer to the first question and the surgical route that many people take for the whole problem. Talk to your doctor if you have any questions.

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