How Much Does Gynecomastia Surgery Cost?


Gynecomastia in men and breast development are not life-threatening, but the humiliation they cause is more than enough to cause low self-esteem and depression in men. In most cases, men who develop this condition avoid leaving home or going out with women for fear of being ridiculed because of their "breasts."

Fortunately, there are several ways to treat gynecomastia. The most common and cheapest way to treat it is by medication and diet, but patients may have to undergo surgery.

Surgery to remove the breasts of a developed man involves liposuction, which sucks out the excess fat that causes "hypertrophy." Surgical reforms are also needed to make the breasts look flatter.

Unfortunately, the surgery required to flatten the breast is considered cosmetology. That is, most insurance companies do not cover the breast. As this type of surgery becomes more prevalent, doctors also see the economic potential of such medical procedures. Simply put, if you decide to go under the knife to get a flat breast again, you will need a lot of money.

The question, "How much does gynecomastia surgery cost?" It depends on many factors. For example, location plays an important role. For example, it is much more expensive to have it in New York than in other states, only in the United States. Patients also have the option of getting it in other countries. Asian countries like Thailand are popular for two reasons. It is the capital of cosmetic surgery in Asia and pays in baht (Thai currency). So you can make more money for $ 1.

The professional experience of the doctors who handle such surgery is also a factor. Obviously, the more experienced the doctor, the more he pays for his service. Personally, however, I think that's a factor you should never try to get a discount on. That means you will have gynecological surgery to cry hard, and it makes sense to find the best doctor.

The scope of operation is another factor. Each patient has a different case, and a doctor may need to do more work on one patient than on the other. The scope of surgery depends on the fat in the breast and the degree of remodeling required to re-flatten the breast.

The cost of anesthesia, post-surgery installation costs, compression vests, and medications are also factors that determine the cost of surgery. In general, experts suggest preparing at least $ 7,500 to $ 10,000 to cover all locations. This is very high, compared to the average cost of the same operation that is done in Thailand, which starts at around $ 4,600.

Finally, the numbers here are very low compared to the confidence that the patient will recover after surgery. However, the main article recommends using surgery only as a last resort when medications and diets do not treat men's breasts.

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